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I met Cecilia and we had a blast. I asked her to teach me Spanish in order for me to pass a proficiency exam. I did know some Spanish before we started, but she helped me out like no one else would. We studied only for two months and we had classes three times per week. She was dedicated and funny. Even though I had to study a lot of difficult contents she made it easy to go through. I highly recommend her! I passed my exam and I’m way more confident to speak the language. ¡Gracias!

Luiza Michelena Espelocim, estudiante de Medicina | Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Me and my wife had Cecilia as Spanish teacher for two months. She came to our flat, we had interesting and fun hours together and we learned a lot. Cecilia really puts her soul and pride into doing an excellent job and she cared a lot for us as students. Warmly recommended, and we will DEFINITELY continue our classes with Cecilia when we get home, through Skype ❤️

Dag Stenvoll, Director de Proyectos | Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas del Oeste, Noruega

We had a few private lessons with Cecilia after 4 weeks of intensive Spanish classes in Mexico. Cecilia was really great in adapting to our level and picking up where we left off. She really knows her grammar and is good at explaining it in a way that makes sense. She was always prepared and had homework exercises for us to practice. She was flexible to our schedule, very responsive and a fun person to be around. We highly recommend classes with Cecilia!.

Vanessa Abahashemi, Directora de Desarrollo | Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Estados Unidos